Welcome to Tom’s Wanders !

My name is Tom Davidson, and I’m basically a travel-addict and a digital nomad-wannabe.

I have travelled a fair bit in Europe, and I now live in Nanjing, China. I will be teaching English there for a while whilst I work on developing Tom’s Wanders, so that I can eventually earn money through partnerships and travel full-time.

Now you may want to know a bit more about what got me to make this move, so here goes my story:

I was born and raised in Burgundy, France. At the age of 18, I seized an opportunity to move to England, my father’s country.

For the first few years of my adult life, I wanted to follow the norm in terms of social success: get a decent job, then move up the career ladder fast, and by the time I reach 40, be some company’s director, with a six figure salary, a large house, a fancy company car and a Rolex on my wrist.

I started from the bottom, doing factory work, call centre and the like, until after much hunting I found a job as an Account Executive for a large packaging company. I was thrilled. I was getting a lot more responsibilities, a fancier job title, better money, better opportunities… etc.

A few months after I joined the company, I started dating an Italian colleague who was based near Milan, and it was at this point that I got the travel bug. I had never realised before that travel could be easy and cheap, and there I was regularly flying to various cities in Italy for less than £100. We eventually broke up, but without her I might not have realised how much I love boarding a plane and discovering new places.

I was doing rather well work wise, I had managed to get again more responsibilities, and increased my salary by over 20%. Considering my age at the time I was on track to the Rolex target. On the other hand, pressure was getting too much for what I was paid, and I was becoming sick of the corporate world. I saw a guy I respected, who used to be joyous and approachable, move up the corporate ladder really fast, just the way I hoped I could do too. But then I saw him change. As he gained in responsibilities and status, he barely ever smiled or laughed anymore, he seemed constantly miserable. Sure, he must have had a nice fancy pay rise, a new company car, maybe he even bought a holiday house, but was he happy ? I doubt it. I thought to myself, “is this really what I want ?”. I realised I wasn’t ready to give up my soul to the corporate world, and I wanted to live from my passion: travelling. I didn’t quite know how I’d do that back then, but I knew one thing: I had to quit my job in order to focus my mind on it.

For about a year I worked low pressure call centre jobs, which gave me time to eventually find out where I stand my best chance: teaching English in China. It seems perfect, as it allows me to immerse in an entirely different culture whilst providing me with a great base for travelling around Asia, and it also gives me the opportunity to start this site, which ultimately I want to monetize in order to travel full-time. On top of this, the money is really good and the job gives me a much stronger sense of fulfillment.

So here I am today, telling you stories from my previous travels in Europe, my current ones in Asia and from my experiences as an expat.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading them !